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June 6 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Had D-Day failed and had the Nazis invaded Britain, my family would not be alive today - they would probably have been murdered in Auschwitz. My brother, sister and I would not have been born.

I am increasingly aware of the extraordinary bravery of those involved in D-Day and want to pay tribute to their sacrifice and courage. To mark this important anniversary, I will be working on a series of portraits of D-Day veterans.

In February, I met Rose Davies, a 102 year old (!) who was a radio operator on D-Day and I am working on her portrait at the moment. In early March I met George Skipper (96 years young), another D-Day veteran who landed on Gold Beach on June 6th 1944. He now lives at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. I am also looking forward to visiting the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth.

In June, I will be the guest of The Normandy Institute, who are bringing British, American, Canadian and French veterans together in France. This will be a unique opportunity to meet them and draw their portraits.