In 2006 my dad presented my mum with a beautiful dachshund on Valentine’s Day.

She’s a red, long-haired, standard size, called Jodie.

Her arrival has had a big impact on the family and we love spending time with her in the park, on the sofa and in bed.
We adore her and she gets a huge amount of attention. My brother created a Facebook profile for her - called ‘Jodie Valentine’ and other dachshunds from around the world have added her as a friend!

My mum’s parents had dachshunds when she was a child – bizarrely they were all called Nicky. Co-incidently my dad’s parents also had dachshunds, called Miffy and Holly…so it’s becoming a family tradition.

Turns out I am in good company as I have learnt that artists who I like also loved dachshunds, including Picasso, Bonnard and Hockney.